Bible Critics Subtly Discrediting God’s Word

Dive into the critical exploration of the strategies employed by Bible critics to undermine the credibility of God's Word subtly. This article scrutinizes Agnostic Bart D. Ehrman's approach, dissecting his claims and countering his arguments with sound scholarship and a robust understanding of biblical texts and history. A must-read for anyone interested in biblical criticism and the defense of Scripture's integrity.

APPENDIX 2 Bible Texts and Versions –Why We Need to Know

We must face the reality that while the original 39 OT manuscripts and 27 NT manuscripts were inspired by God [Lit. “God-breathed”] (1 Tim. 3:16), as the authors were moved along by the Holy Spirit (1 Peter 1:21), this was not the case with the copyists thereafter. Yes, hundreds of thousands of scribal errors crept into our manuscripts.

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