Can the Design Argument be Used to Support the Existence of God?

Exploring the age-old Design Argument, this article delves into whether the complexities and ordered beauty in the natural world can substantiate the existence of a designing intelligence or God. It discusses the limitations and strengths of the argument, the modern resurgence through Intelligent Design, and its implications for Christian theology.

Is the “New Physics” at Odds with Christianity?

Exploring the relationship between the "new physics," particularly quantum mechanics, and the Christian understanding of God and the universe. The article argues that despite the seemingly counterintuitive findings in quantum physics, there is no fundamental conflict with the Christian belief in a rational, sovereign God.

Can God’s Actions Be Detected Scientifically?

Bridging the gap between theology and science, this article explores whether God's actions can be detected scientifically. Rooted in scripture and scientific thought, we probe the natural and supernatural actions of God. Can the methods of science detect the hand of the divine? Read on to uncover this fascinating nexus of faith and empirical study.

What Does the Bible Say Regarding Human Cloning?

Explore an in-depth analysis of what the Bible, with its timeless principles and wisdom, can offer in the ethical discourse surrounding human cloning. While not explicitly addressed in Scripture, the principles about the sanctity of life, respect for individuality, and the divine design for procreation provide insightful guidance on this complex issue.

SCIENCE AND FAITH: Finding Harmony in a Secular World

"Science and Faith: Finding Harmony in a Secular World" explores the complementary relationship between religious beliefs and scientific discovery, debunking the misconception that they are incompatible. This compelling read bridges the perceived gap between faith and empirical evidence, revealing how each one enhances our understanding of the other.

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