Does Isaiah 45:7 mean that God Is the Author of Evil?

“According to this verse, God “creates good and evil” (KJv, Cf. Jer. 18:11 and Lam. 3:38; Amos 3:6). But many other Scriptures inform us that God is not evil (1 John 1:5), cannot even look approvingly on evil (Hab. 1:13), and cannot even be tempted by evil (James 1:13).”—Norman L. Geisler

The Historicity of Adam

Critical scholars generally consider the first chapters of Genesis to be a myth, not history. Were Adam and Eve merely allegorical (fictional) persons? Does the Bible present Adam simply as an allegorical character representing all early humankind? Some argue, ‘Adam’s sin was God’s will, God’s plan.’ How do you respond to such claims?

Why Does the God of the Bible Hide Himself?

The question “Why does God hide Himself?” is asked at times, not only by the atheist or agnostic seeking to cast doubt on God’s existence, but also by believers seeking a personal experience of God. It is therefore related to further questions. The doubter or skeptic may ask, “Is there a God?” or “If God exists, how can we know that He exists, and why doesn’t He reveal Himself more clearly?” The anxious seeker may ask, “Is God in control of the universe?” and “Is God concerned about my life and problems?” In times of trouble many wonder if God is there and if He cares. And finally the doubter, seeker, and follower alike may ask, “How can I know God?”

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