Who Were the Jewish Temple Police? What Were Their Duties?

This text provides an examination of the Jewish Temple Police during the Second Temple period, highlighting their origins, duties, and encounters with key New Testament figures. The Temple Police, predominantly Levites, played a significant role, maintaining Temple sanctity and order while also executing commands from religious authorities. Understanding their functions offers valuable insights into socio-religious dynamics of that era and contributes to a nuanced interpretation of the New Testament.

Ancient Libraries and the Old Testament: Exploring the Archives of Ashurbanipal

The text explores the relationship between Ashurbanipal, an Assyrian king, and Asenappar, a name mentioned in the Book of Ezra in the Bible. It proposes that Asenappar and Ashurbanipal are likely the same person, highlighting the king's military prowess, scholarly interests, and his extensive library in Nineveh. The library's vast array of texts provides key insights into Assyrian culture, language, and thought, offering historical context for interpreting the Old Testament and enriching the study of ancient Near East culture.

City of David (Archaeological Site)

Explore the City of David, a fascinating archaeological site that uncovers Jerusalem's ancient past. Located south of the Old City, this excavation offers a window into the biblical world, providing historical evidence that aligns with the narrative of Ancient Israel.

David Versus Goliath—Did It Really Happen?

Is the biblical story of David and Goliath based on real people and events? This article explores the historical accuracy of this iconic narrative, focusing on Goliath's height, David's existence, and the geographical setting of the story to shed light on its authenticity.

The Historical and Archaeological Evidence for Ben-hadad

Explore the rich history and archaeology of Ancient Syria as we delve into the evidence for Ben-hadad through the examination of significant artifacts like The Stele of Zakkur and The Melqart Stele. These inscriptions reveal vital insights into the geopolitics, religion, and culture of the time, offering a window into a complex and fascinating era.

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