10 Questions Christians Should Ask Non-Believers

In the article "10 Questions Christians Should Ask Non-Believers" we explore thoughtful and engaging questions that Christians can use in conversations with non-believers. These questions are designed to foster understanding, encourage reflection, and build bridges between the believer and the unbeliever. Find out what these questions are and why they are so effective in sparking meaningful dialogue. There is also a hypothetical dialogue between a believer (B) and an unbeliever (U). And there are 10 responses to the most often used objections. Lastly, how a Christian might respond to specific opposition statements, maintaining a respectful and thoughtful approach.

CHRISTIAN EVANGELISM: How Does Christianity Relate to the Baha’i Faith?

This enlightening piece examines the intersection between Christian Evangelism and the Baha’i Faith. Discover the fascinating nuances of both religions, exploring shared principles, contrasts, and how Christian evangelism relates to the Baha’i teachings. An essential read for those interested in interfaith relations and spiritual dialogues.

What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?

Without carefully and attentively studying the Bible, many people believe they know what it says about homosexuality. However, their answers are inconsistent or in conflict. Some say that the Bible is indeed antigay. Others argue that the Biblical command to “love your neighbor” gives approval of any and all sexual lifestyles and that homosexuality is simply an alternative lifestyle.

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