Revisiting Male Superiority in Antiquity: A Conservative Bible Scholar’s Examination of Agnostic Bart Ehrman’s Perspective

In "Revisiting Male Superiority in Antiquity: A Conservative Bible Scholar's Examination of Agnostic Bart Ehrman's Perspective," the concepts of male superiority and gender roles in ancient Greek and Roman societies are carefully analyzed. This examination scrutinizes Dr. Bart Ehrman's assertions on the subject, providing a conservative Biblical perspective to both affirm and challenge his interpretations.

Understanding the Charge of ‘King of the Jews’: A Conservative Examination of Jesus’ Crucifixion and Bart D. Ehrman’s Interpretation

In "Understanding the Charge of 'King of the Jews': A Conservative Examination of Jesus' Crucifixion and Bart D. Ehrman's Interpretation," we critically analyze the historical evidence surrounding Jesus' crucifixion and challenge Ehrman's interpretation. Drawing from the New Testament and reputable conservative Bible scholars, this article presents a thorough evaluation of the charge against Jesus as 'King of the Jews.

The Mythological Gods of History—A Critical Examination

"The Mythological Gods of History—A Critical Examination" delves deep into the pantheons of ancient civilizations, offering a profound analysis of historical deities. The article scrutinizes the cultural influence and religious beliefs surrounding these mythological gods, shedding light on their role in shaping human history and civilization.

Paul, Apostle to the Nations

Explore the extraordinary journey of Apostle Paul, once a fierce persecutor turned champion of faith, as he tirelessly devoted his life to spreading the Gospel to the nations. Delve into the insights from his missionary journeys and his influential letters that have helped shape Christianity.

Customs and Cultures of Bible Times

Customs and culture in Bible times: beard, burial, child care in a polygamous family, deeds to property, eating:, gifts, hair; head covering, king’s concubines, marriage, mourning, ripping of garments, washing of hands, whitewashing graves, women captives, and so on.

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