NTTC MATTHEW 3:16a: the heavens were opened

The shorter reading is generally preferred if the change is intended. This is a reflection of scribal tendency, as a scribe is far more likely in his efforts at clarification, willfully to make an addition to a text. Very rarely will a scribe intentionally add to his text by mistake.

NTTC MATTHEW 2:18: weeping and great mourning

Lucian of Antioch (c. 240-312 C.E.), a Christian presbyter (minister), theologian, and martyr, produced the Syrian text, which was renamed the Byzantine text. About 290 C.E., some of his associates made various subsequent alterations, which deliberately combined elements from earlier text types and this text ...

NTTC MATTHEW 2:15: Out of Egypt, I called my son

As we can see from the above, Matthew at 2:15 as we know it quoted Hosea 11:1. Hosea at 11:1 was not speaking prophetically, but rather, his words were a historical reference to the time of Moses when God called the Israelite nation (the son) out of Egypt. ...

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