NTTC MATTHEW 16:2b–3a: Signs of the Times

The manuscript evidence for the absence of these words is impressive. Copyists may have added these verses from a source similar to Luke 12:54–56, or from the passage in Luke, with a few changes. On the other hand, ...—Roger L. Omanson and Bruce Manning Metzger,

NTTC JAMES 1:12a, Does it Read Human Being Instead of Man?

Please Support the Bible Translation Work of the Updated American Standard Version (UASV)$5.00Click here to purchase. Major Critical Texts of the New Testament Byz RP: 2005 Byzantine Greek New Testament, Robinson & PierpontTR1550: 1550 Stephanus New TestamentMaj: The Majority Text (thousands of minuscules which display a similar text)Gries: 1774-1775 Johann Jakob Griesbach Greek New TestamentTreg: 1857-1879 Samuel Prideaux Tregelles Greek... Continue Reading →

NTTC Was “Son of God” in the Original Mark 1:1

This textual variant would be listed as a significant one. Textual scholar Daniel Wallace writes, “A textual variant is simply any difference from a standard text (e.g., a printed text, a particular manuscript, etc.) that involves spelling, word order, omission, addition, substitution, or a total rewrite of the text.”

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