A Brief Guide on How to Study the Bible

Looking to dig deeper into the Scriptures? "How to Study the Bible: A Brief Guide" offers essential techniques to help you study and understand the Bible effectively, fostering your spiritual growth and comprehension of God's Word.

Ephesians 1:5—Foreordained for Adoption as Sons

This verse enhances the themes of election and predestination, revealing God's eternal purpose to bring believers into His family as adopted sons. It shows that this adoption is achieved through Jesus Christ and stems from God's own desire and sovereign will.

Guided by Scripture: How God Instructs Us Through His Word

There is no greater resource for Christian living than the Scriptures. The Bible is God's revelation of Himself to humanity, His recorded interactions with our ancestors, His principles, His promises, and His prophetic utterances. It is the definitive guidebook for the Christian journey and our primary source of knowledge about God and His plan for our lives.

How to Study the Bible Effectively

Dive into our short guide on 'How to Study the Bible'. Discover effective methods to enrich your understanding and deepen your relationship with God through scripture. Begin your spiritual journey with us today - wisdom and peace await.

Historical-Grammatical Interpretation of the Bible Explained In Detail Step-by-Step

Have you ever read a hermeneutics book that always gave you the rules and principles of Historical-Grammatical Interpretation, but stopped there? They never showed you how you came to those conclusions based on the understanding of the historical context, language, grammatical structure, and broader context of the verse? Here in this article, we will give you a more detailed explanation of how the principles of historical-grammatical interpretation can be applied. We will walk through step-by-step on how the interpreter would use the rules and principles for each verse.

EXEGETICAL INSIGHT: Psalm 68:18 and Ephesians 4:8

WHAT DID PAUL MEAN? “When he ascended on high he led captivity captive, and he gave gifts to men.” (Eph. 4:8) Who ascended on high? Where is high? Who is “he” that led captivity captive? What are these gifts that “he” gave and to what “men”? Why is Paul’s citation of Psalm 68:18 different?

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