Is the “New Physics” at Odds with Christianity?

Exploring the relationship between the "new physics," particularly quantum mechanics, and the Christian understanding of God and the universe. The article argues that despite the seemingly counterintuitive findings in quantum physics, there is no fundamental conflict with the Christian belief in a rational, sovereign God.

Sacred Writings of Major Religions

Explore the profound and “divine” world of the sacred writings of major religions. Unravel the wisdom embedded in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible but lacking in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Mormonism. Understand how these religious texts shape the beliefs, values, and practices of billions across the globe.

CHRISTIAN EVANGELISM: How Does Christianity Relate to the Baha’i Faith?

This enlightening piece examines the intersection between Christian Evangelism and the Baha’i Faith. Discover the fascinating nuances of both religions, exploring shared principles, contrasts, and how Christian evangelism relates to the Baha’i teachings. An essential read for those interested in interfaith relations and spiritual dialogues.

Christians and War—What Does the Bible Say?

The question of whether the Bible supports a 'just war' has long been a topic of debate among scholars and theologians. This article offers an in-depth exploration, citing specific verses and chapters, to understand the biblical stand on justifiable conflict.

Is the Bible Sexually Oppressive?

Is the Bible sexually oppressive? Does it prohibit sexual pleasure? This article delves into these questions, exploring the multifaceted biblical views on sexuality. From marriage and monogamy to pleasure and passion, uncover what the Bible truly says about these deeply personal and impactful aspects of human life.

UNDER CHRISTIANITY Are the Jews Still God’s Chosen People?

Delve into an in-depth exploration of the status of Jews as God's chosen people under Christianity, tracing its historical context from the times of the Israelites, through the era of Greek philosophical influence, up to the present day, with an emphasis on biblical references and interpretations.

Insights into the Early Versions of the Bible

Our article 'Insights into the Early Versions of the Bible' sheds light on the intriguing journey of the Bible as it spread across cultures and languages. From the Syriac and Latin translations to the less-known Nubian version, understand the role these early versions played in shaping communities, fostering intercultural exchanges, and promoting linguistic evolution.

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