How Are Interpretive Bible Translators Misleading Their Readers?

Uncover the truth behind interpretive Bible translations in 'How Are Interpretive Bible Translators Misleading Their Readers?' This enlightening article exposes the subtle yet impactful ways in which interpretive translations can distort the original message of the Scriptures. Dive into a revealing analysis of the methodologies used in these translations and discover how they differ from literal translation approaches, shaping the reader's understanding of biblical texts.

John Wycliffe—Champion of the Bible

Dive into the riveting story of John Wycliffe, often hailed as the "Morning Star of the Reformation". This article takes you through Wycliffe's significant contributions to Bible translation, his stance against Church doctrine and tradition, and his impact on the medieval Church. Discover how he championed the Bible in an era where its accessibility was restricted and how his teachings continue to influence Christian thought today.

Why Do So Many Different Bible Translations Exist?

Explore the world of Bible translation, including the need for new translations, the differences between literal and dynamic equivalent approaches, and the complex process undertaken by translation committees. Discover how these translations strive for accuracy and faithfulness to the original text while leaving interpretation to the readers themselves.

WILLIAM TYNDALE: How We Got the Bible

Discover the pivotal role of William Tyndale in the translation of the Bible, and how his work laid the foundation for the English Bible. Explore the journey of Bible translation and the enduring impact of Tyndale's contributions, leading to the renowned King James Version.

Do You Know the “King James Version?”

Discover the lesser-known aspects of the King James Version of the Bible. Learn about its history, opposition, and changes over time. Gain insights into the importance of understanding the purpose of Bible translation and the significance of getting the thoughts of God.

The Impact of the First Bible Translations on Christianity

This article explores the roots of the modern impulse of Bible translators to get the Bible right in translation and its connection to the Jewish revisions of the Greek Septuagint. It examines the contributions of Jewish scholars like Theodotion, Aquila, and Symmachus to the field of Biblical translation and their commitment to accurate and faithful translation.

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