NTTC LUKE 22:43-44: Another Case of Not Following the Evidence

What really troubles this translator/author is that the churchgoer is the determiner of translation philosophy and textual decisions. Christians do not realize that the punishment for adding to and taking away from the Bible applies to everyone from the copyist to the textual scholar, translator, publisher, pastor, and yes, you, the churchgoer.

Are You Following the Truth Regardless in Textual Studies, Bible Translation, Interpretation, and Application?

What is the fight for the truth worth if the person misrepresents (alters by adding to or removing from) God's Word (Revelation 22:18-19) when the textual reading or the translation does not favor the theological position of a textual scholar or the Bible translator/publisher or an interpreter or a Christian reader. Do we prefer outright lies in the translations? Would Jesus want that?

DEFENDING THE OT: Critical Objections to the Genuineness of the Bible Book of Ezekiel

As recently as the eighth edition of Driver’s ILOT, the genuineness of Ezekiel had been accepted as completely authentic by the majority of rationalist critics. But in 1924 Gustav Hoelscher advanced the thesis that only a small fraction of the book was by the historical sixth-century Ezekiel (i.e., only 143 verses out of 1273) and the rest came from some later author living in Jerusalem and contemporaneous with Nehemiah (440–430 B.C.).

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