Why Did Jesus Quote David’s Words from Psalm 22:1 Before His Death?

The article delves into the theological, emotional, and historical implications of Jesus quoting Psalm 22:1 during his crucifixion. This act signifies Jesus identifying himself as the Messianic figure portrayed in the psalm, exemplifies the unity of Old and New Testaments, and underlines the sovereignty of God in redemptive history. This utterance also highlights the emotional and spiritual turmoil Jesus faced.

HEBREW 2:14  – Why is Satan Called the One Who Has the Power of Death?

In Hebrews 2:14, the Apostle Paul describes Satan as the one who has the "power of death." This deep-dive analysis explores why Satan is given this term, examining it in light of the original Greek, historical context, and overarching Biblical narrative. It also looks at Jesus Christ's role as the ultimate conqueror of death, providing a nuanced understanding of this complex theological issue.

How to Search Into the Deep Things of God

Delve into the profound wisdom and knowledge of God's Word with this comprehensive guide on how to search the deep things of God. Unlock the keys to spiritual growth, robust faith, and divine understanding through an in-depth exploration of Scripture and theology.

The Intricacies of Textual Variants in the New Testament

Dive deep into the fascinating world of textual variants in the New Testament, from their origin to their significance in biblical interpretation. Understand the complex history of the New Testament's transmission, how scribal errors and textual families contributed to these variants, and the crucial role of textual criticism in illuminating these intricacies.

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