CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY: The Inductive Method of Theological Investigation

It is the so-called inductive method because it agrees with everything essential to the inductive method as applied to the natural sciences. The inductive method is an investigative way of studying the Bible. It helps to provide an overall understanding of a passage of Scripture: what it says, the intended meaning to the original audience, and how it can be applied today. The inductive method seeks to arrive at general conclusions through the consideration of specific facts.

CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY: The Mystical Method of Theological Investigation

Few words have been used with a greater latitude of meaning than mysticism. It is here to be taken in a sense antithetical to speculation. Speculation is a process of thought; mysticism is a matter of feeling. The one assumes that the thinking faculty is that by which we attain the knowledge of truth. The other distrusting reason teaches that feelings alone are to be relied upon, at least in the sphere of religion.

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