The Second Book of Samuel

The people of Israel were feeling hopeless over the tragedy of Gilboa and the resulting incursions by the victorious Philistines. The commanders of Israel and its young men lay dead. In this environment, the young man, the “anointed of Jehovah,” David the son of Jesse, came completely onto the national picture. (2 Sam. 19:21) Thus begins the book of Second Samuel, which could very well be called a book of David and his God, Jehovah. Its account of that history is packed with action in every moment. We are taken from the depths of defeat to the summit of victory, from the troubles of a quarreling nation to the successful, victorious, prosperous united kingdom, from the power, strength, and intensity of youth to the wisdom of old age. Here is the personal story of David’s life as he attempted to follow Jehovah with all his heart.

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