Can the Design Argument be Used to Support the Existence of God?

Exploring the age-old Design Argument, this article delves into whether the complexities and ordered beauty in the natural world can substantiate the existence of a designing intelligence or God. It discusses the limitations and strengths of the argument, the modern resurgence through Intelligent Design, and its implications for Christian theology.

Can Religious Experience Show That There Is a God?

This article presents the argument of conservative Christian apologists who contend that religious experience can provide evidence for the existence of God. It examines key biblical passages that relate to the question of religious experience, and argues that religious experience, based on personal testimony and subjective experience, can be a valid form of evidence for God's existence. Conservative Christian apologists point to the transformative power of religious experience, the sense of moral conviction and purpose it can provide, and its consistency with biblical teachings about God's presence in the world. They argue that religious experience should be considered alongside other forms of evidence in a comprehensive case for the existence of God.

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