Can the Design Argument be Used to Support the Existence of God?

Exploring the age-old Design Argument, this article delves into whether the complexities and ordered beauty in the natural world can substantiate the existence of a designing intelligence or God. It discusses the limitations and strengths of the argument, the modern resurgence through Intelligent Design, and its implications for Christian theology.

SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE: What Is the Origin of Life?

Discover the intricate molecular teamwork that drives the genesis of life through a comprehensive exploration of protein formation, DNA, RNA, and amino acids. Delve into the wonders of intelligent design and the origin of life. Sounds complicated, but it is written to be easily understood.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN: What the Universe Tells Us

Explore the arguments made by Christian astronomers about the design found in the universe, drawing from recent scientific discoveries and observations. Discover the fine-tuning of the universe, the discovery of exoplanets, and the complexity of the universe, and learn how Christian apologists view these phenomena as evidence for the existence of a Creator.

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