Egypt in Bible History

Do secular history and archaeology agree with what the Bible says about this ancient land? Explore the fascinating world of biblical archaeological finds in Egypt that provide valuable insights into the historical context and corroborate the biblical narrative. Discover how these ancient artifacts have enriched our understanding of the relationships between Egypt and the Bible's events and figures.

The Papyrus Rylands 457 (P52), a Fragment of the Gospel of John

The Rylands Library Papyrus P52, also known as the St John's fragment, is one of the earliest surviving manuscripts of the New Testament. This chapter examines its historical context, physical description, content analysis, significance, challenges, controversies, preservation, and future research. Discover the importance of studying ancient texts like Papyrus Rylands Greek 457 for the understanding of early Christianity and the history of the Bible.

Is the Old Testament Ethical?

As a Christian conservative apologist, I explain the ethical framework of the Old Testament and how it has formed the foundation of Judeo-Christian morality. Through its historical context, laws, stories, and teachings, the Old Testament promotes principles such as justice, compassion, and forgiveness. Moreover, the Old Testament provides a theological framework essential for understanding the Christian faith and the historical context of the New Testament.

What Can We Do to Establish Faith In the Restored Text of the New Testament?

This article discusses the approaches taken to establish faith in the restored text of the New Testament, including the historical context of the text's creation, the factors that have made establishing an accurate text difficult, and the process of textual criticism. It emphasizes the importance of examining manuscript evidence, applying sound principles of textual criticism, and acknowledging the limitations of our knowledge to have confidence in the New Testament as a reliable and trustworthy record of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the early Christian community.

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