Does the Bible Demean Women?

This article explores the teachings of the Bible on the role and value of women, refuting the notion that the Bible demeans women. Discover the verses and examples that demonstrate the equality and worth of women in the eyes of God. Explore the idea of defined gender roles in the Bible and how they reflect something fundamental about God's nature. Discover how women are honored and valued in the scriptures.

Are Miracles Within the Bible Believable?

This article presents the argument of conservative Christian apologists who contend that the miracles described within the Bible are believable. It examines key biblical passages that relate to the question of miracles, and argues that the miracles are historically attested, consistent with the nature of God, have a purpose and a meaning, are accompanied by a call to faith, and are still happening today. While naturalistic explanations exist for many of the events described within the Bible, conservative Christian apologists would argue that these explanations do not account for the full picture, and that the miracles within the Bible are evidence of God's intervention in the world and provide a unique window into God's character and relationship with humanity.

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