HEBREW 2:14  – Why is Satan Called the One Who Has the Power of Death?

In Hebrews 2:14, the Apostle Paul describes Satan as the one who has the "power of death." This deep-dive analysis explores why Satan is given this term, examining it in light of the original Greek, historical context, and overarching Biblical narrative. It also looks at Jesus Christ's role as the ultimate conqueror of death, providing a nuanced understanding of this complex theological issue.

Can God Create A Stone So Heavy That He Cannot Lift It?

The content discusses the theological paradox of God's omnipotence, examining whether God could create a stone too heavy for him to lift. Various theological, philosophical, and logical arguments are presented to argue the misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the concept of omnipotence.

Is the “New Physics” at Odds with Christianity?

Exploring the relationship between the "new physics," particularly quantum mechanics, and the Christian understanding of God and the universe. The article argues that despite the seemingly counterintuitive findings in quantum physics, there is no fundamental conflict with the Christian belief in a rational, sovereign God.

If God Is Love, Why Does He Permit Wickedness?

Explore the profound question of why a loving God would permit wickedness in the world. This article delves into biblical explanations, the role of humans, and how God's permission of wickedness aligns with His divine plan. Grounded in conservative Evangelical Christian teachings, it offers scriptural insights from the ASV Old Testament and ESV New Testament.

NTTC 2 PETER 3:7, 10: Will God Destroy the Earth by Fire?

Exploring the textual complexities of 2 Peter 3:7, 10, this article seeks to answer the intriguing question: Will God destroy the Earth by fire? Through meticulous textual analysis and examination of manuscript evidence, the symbolic interpretation of fire and judgment in these verses is revealed, providing insight into the apocalyptic imagery used in Scripture.

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