How Can We Understand and Defend the Miracles in the Bible Against Skepticism?

In this article, we explore the complex and often debated realm of Biblical miracles. This article addresses common skeptical arguments, examines the historical and philosophical underpinnings of miracles, and delves into the theological significance of these extraordinary events. From the parting of the Red Sea to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, understand how miracles are not only plausible but integral to the Christian faith. Discover the roles of eyewitness testimony, the nature of God's sovereignty, and the importance of miracles in redemptive history, providing a robust defense against skepticism.

The Distinction of Christian Faith: Beyond Blind Trust

The blog post challenges the view of faith in Christianity as 'blind faith,' arguing instead that Christianity promotes reasoned faith through rational inquiry and divine revelation. The Bible serves as an authoritative source of truth, advocating for questioning, testing, and exploring faith. Christianity's focus on evidence and validation differentiates it from other worldviews, making it a rational belief system.

How to Search Into the Deep Things of God

Delve into the profound wisdom and knowledge of God's Word with this comprehensive guide on how to search the deep things of God. Unlock the keys to spiritual growth, robust faith, and divine understanding through an in-depth exploration of Scripture and theology.

Does the Bible Teach That There Is a Purgatory?

In this article, we will explore the question, "Does the Bible teach that there is a purgatory?" Purgatory, a concept often associated with Catholicism, refers to a place or state of purification where souls are believed to undergo cleansing before entering heaven. While some argue that the Bible supports the idea of purgatory, others contend that it is not explicitly mentioned in the scriptures. Join us as we delve into the biblical passages and theological perspectives surrounding this intriguing topic.

If God Is Love, Why Does He Permit Wickedness?

Explore the profound question of why a loving God would permit wickedness in the world. This article delves into biblical explanations, the role of humans, and how God's permission of wickedness aligns with His divine plan. Grounded in conservative Evangelical Christian teachings, it offers scriptural insights from the ASV Old Testament and ESV New Testament.

Enduring When Faced with Persecution Brings Praise to God

In a world increasingly hostile to Christian values, enduring persecution becomes an inevitable part of our journey of faith. This article explores how facing persecution with resilience not only strengthens our spiritual growth but also brings praise to God, illuminating His grace and mercy to the world.

The Bible—Is It Truly “Inspired by God”?

Discover the accuracy and reliability of the Bible in discussing the natural world, history, and life's biggest questions. Is the Bible really from God? Explore the evidence and find hope for a better future through a closer relationship with your Creator.

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