Immortal Soul vs Being a Soul: Unraveling Biblical Truths

Do we possess an immortal soul, or are we, in essence, a soul? This article delves into the age-old debate from a biblical perspective, shedding light on the nuances of immortality and the concept of the soul. Join us as we explore these spiritual truths, enhancing your understanding of human existence and the afterlife.

Historical-Grammatical Interpretation of the Bible Explained In Detail Step-by-Step

Have you ever read a hermeneutics book that always gave you the rules and principles of Historical-Grammatical Interpretation, but stopped there? They never showed you how you came to those conclusions based on the understanding of the historical context, language, grammatical structure, and broader context of the verse? Here in this article, we will give you a more detailed explanation of how the principles of historical-grammatical interpretation can be applied. We will walk through step-by-step on how the interpreter would use the rules and principles for each verse.

What Is Taking a Bible Verse Out of Context?

The context (the surrounding Bible verses) will enable us to understand what the author meant, not what we think, feel, or believe. The context also runs throughout the Bible, so if our view of a verse is at odds with other Bible verses elsewhere, we must rethink our view, as the Bible does not contradict itself.

How to Interpret Bible Prophecy

Most understand the word “prophecy” always to be another word for prediction. The Hebrew, navi and the Greek prophētēs (prophet) carry the meaning of one who is a proclaimer of God’s message and need not necessarily be foretelling of the future.

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