The Mythological Gods of History—A Critical Examination

"The Mythological Gods of History—A Critical Examination" delves deep into the pantheons of ancient civilizations, offering a profound analysis of historical deities. The article scrutinizes the cultural influence and religious beliefs surrounding these mythological gods, shedding light on their role in shaping human history and civilization.

How Has Archaeology Corroborated the Bible?

Dive into the fascinating world of biblical archaeology and explore how numerous archaeological discoveries over the years have significantly corroborated the historical accounts of the Bible. Discover the connection between ancient civilizations and biblical narratives, strengthening the historical reliability of Scripture. This article ends far different than you might have expected.

BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Three Assyrian Inscriptions About Hebrew Kings

Discover the intricate connections between Assyrian inscriptions and biblical narratives. This article delves into three notable Assyrian artifacts: The Monolith Inscription of Shalmaneser III, The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III, and The Prism of Sennacherib, examining their historical relevance and the fascinating insights they provide about Hebrew Kings of the Old Testament era.

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