Why Do So Many Different Bible Translations Exist?

Explore the world of Bible translation, including the need for new translations, the differences between literal and dynamic equivalent approaches, and the complex process undertaken by translation committees. Discover how these translations strive for accuracy and faithfulness to the original text while leaving interpretation to the readers themselves.

The Bible—Is It Truly “Inspired by God”?

Discover the accuracy and reliability of the Bible in discussing the natural world, history, and life's biggest questions. Is the Bible really from God? Explore the evidence and find hope for a better future through a closer relationship with your Creator.

What Can We Do to Establish Faith In the Restored Text of the New Testament?

This article discusses the approaches taken to establish faith in the restored text of the New Testament, including the historical context of the text's creation, the factors that have made establishing an accurate text difficult, and the process of textual criticism. It emphasizes the importance of examining manuscript evidence, applying sound principles of textual criticism, and acknowledging the limitations of our knowledge to have confidence in the New Testament as a reliable and trustworthy record of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the early Christian community.

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