WHY GOD? The Problem of Evil and Suffering?

Please Support the Bible Translation Work of the Updated American Standard Version (UASV)$5.00Click here to purchase. I. Introduction The late Ronald Nash was a Christian philosopher and apologetics who wrote extensively on the Problem of Evil and Suffering. According to Nash, the Problem of Evil and Suffering is a significant challenge to the existence of... Continue Reading →

Is the Old Testament Ethical?

As a Christian conservative apologist, I explain the ethical framework of the Old Testament and how it has formed the foundation of Judeo-Christian morality. Through its historical context, laws, stories, and teachings, the Old Testament promotes principles such as justice, compassion, and forgiveness. Moreover, the Old Testament provides a theological framework essential for understanding the Christian faith and the historical context of the New Testament.

Can Religious Experience Show That There Is a God?

This article presents the argument of conservative Christian apologists who contend that religious experience can provide evidence for the existence of God. It examines key biblical passages that relate to the question of religious experience, and argues that religious experience, based on personal testimony and subjective experience, can be a valid form of evidence for God's existence. Conservative Christian apologists point to the transformative power of religious experience, the sense of moral conviction and purpose it can provide, and its consistency with biblical teachings about God's presence in the world. They argue that religious experience should be considered alongside other forms of evidence in a comprehensive case for the existence of God.

Does the Bible Provide Ethical Guidance for Business?

The Bible offers valuable ethical guidance for businesses through its principles of fairness, honesty, responsibility, and service, which prioritize the well-being of all stakeholders. By following these principles and examples, business leaders can create a culture of integrity and trust that positively impacts both financial success and society as a whole.

Does the Bible Provide Guidance Regarding Genetic Engineering?

This article presents the argument of conservative Christian apologists who contend that the Bible provides general principles that can guide our use of medical technology, including genetic technologies. It examines key biblical passages that relate to the question of medical technology, and argues that these principles, such as valuing human life, stewardship, respect for the natural order, and discernment, can provide a framework for responsible and sustainable use of genetic technologies.

Are Miracles Within the Bible Believable?

This article presents the argument of conservative Christian apologists who contend that the miracles described within the Bible are believable. It examines key biblical passages that relate to the question of miracles, and argues that the miracles are historically attested, consistent with the nature of God, have a purpose and a meaning, are accompanied by a call to faith, and are still happening today. While naturalistic explanations exist for many of the events described within the Bible, conservative Christian apologists would argue that these explanations do not account for the full picture, and that the miracles within the Bible are evidence of God's intervention in the world and provide a unique window into God's character and relationship with humanity.

Does the Old Testament Teach Salvation by Works?

This article presents the argument that the Old Testament does not teach salvation by works, but rather by faith in God. It examines key Old Testament scriptures that relate to the question of salvation, and argues that the overall message of the Old Testament emphasizes salvation as a gift from God that is received by faith, rather than something that is earned by good works.

Foreknowledge and Free Will: Exploring a Bible Difficulty

Do you struggle with understanding how God's foreknowledge and human freedom can coexist? This article delves into the topic, providing a clear and detailed explanation of God's foreknowledge and how it relates to free will. Based on the work of world-renowned apologist Dr. William Lane Craig, this article will challenge your beliefs and help you better understand the relationship between foreknowledge and freedom. Get ready to learn about Chronological Priority, Logical Priority, and God's ability to see down the timeline. Don't miss out on this thought-provoking exploration of a Bible difficulty.

Are the Biblical Genealogies Reliable?

An Exploration of Biblical Genealogy." From Adam to Jesus, the genealogies in the Bible hold more than just names and dates. Delve into the rich history and cultural significance behind the family trees recorded in the scripture. Discover the connection between genealogy and God's plan for humanity, and unlock the deeper meaning behind the generations listed in the Bible. Get ready to uncover the hidden treasures of biblical genealogy in this thought-provoking article!

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